Text 11 Oct 4th October 2014

For the second time this week Market Square at Halesworth. They might be a little hard, but inside the bells tell a good story. Yorkshire duly rung to a very interesting arrangement by C James Hustler. 96 cru’s & queens. Nice to ring with Winston after quite a while.

On to Wilby, where the tower looks very neglected these days. The staircase remain very steep and generally there is a sad feel to the place, not like the old days. However, pull the bells up and sprit’s rise immediately. They are a fine eight. Fit a nice gallery and they would be perfect. Reasonable peal of Bristol rung to a poor composition by Don Morrison. Again a lack of cru’s with no apparent reason for the other music and four consecutive leads move the composition into the “not up to the mark” section. 

Again it was very nice to ring with Jeremy & Cheryl after a good few years.

The lads then rang a peal at home of Plain Bob Doubles. So all in all a good day George. Thank you.


Suffolk Guild

Halesworth, Suffolk

At St Mary

Tenor: 18 cwt

On Saturday, 4 October 2014

In 2 hours and 59 minutes

5056 Yorkshire Surprise Major

Composition: C James Hustler

1 Brian E Whiting

2 Timothy M D Stanford

3 David G Salter

4 Winston S Girling

5 Simon J T Smith

6 Colin F Salter

7 Louis P H Suggett

8 George M Salter

Conducted by: David G Salter

100th in 2014: 6

Non Association

Wilby, Suffolk

At St Mary

Tenor: 15 cwt

On Saturday, 4 October 2014

In 2 hours and 55 minutes

5184 Bristol Surprise Major

Donald F Morrison

1 Neil T Dodge

2 Craig P Homewood

3 Cherril C Thompson

4 David G Salter

5 Colin F Salter

6 George M Salter

7 Jeremy W Spiller

8 Simon J T Smith

Conducted by: Jeremy W Spiller


Young Ringers Association

Old Stoke, Suffolk

The Wolery

Saturday, 4 October 2014 in 1:35 (9lb 8oz)

5040 Plain Bob Doubles

1 George M Salter (C)

2 Colin F Salter

3 George J Vant

4 Neal T Dodge

5 Craig P Homewood

First of Bob Doubles for all.

Average age of 17.


Text 11 Oct 3rd October 2014

To complete Trevor’s peal week we went to Haughley. I last rang a peal here with Pat & Trevor in 1987. The two points I vividly recall are Trevor deciding he would not ring the tenor and asking Alan to and when we got to halfway Trevor announced “it’s all down hill now”. 

Colin & Richard opened up for us and entertained us with their long & short routine and then we set off. These are a mighty five worthy of their formidable reputation. The peal rung in 1984 was claimed to be the first on the bells yet there had been two previous. 1928 & 1766. So historic bells and following work in recent years they go much better. A very good peal in 21 methods duly rung remembering our very good friends of the past.

Suffolk Guild

Haughley, Suffolk

At St Mary

Tenor: 16 cwt

On Friday, 3 October 2014

In 3 hours and 5 minutes

5040 21 methods Doubles

1,2) Reverse Bob. 3,4) Canterbury Place. 5,6) Grandsire, Pitman’s 240. 7,8) New Bob. 9,10) Huntspill Bob. 11,12) St Vedast Bob 13,14) Blaisdon Bob.  15,16) Westminster Bob. 17,18) Blackburn Place Bob. 19,20) St Hilary Bob. 21,22) Dragon Place Bob. 23,24) Plain Bob. 25,26) St Simon’s Bob. 27,28) St Martin’s Bob. 29,30) St Osmund Bob. 31,32) Eynesbury Bob. 33,34) Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place. 35,36) St Nicholas Bob. 37,38) Winchendon Place. 39,40) St Remigius Bob. 41,42) Huntley Place. 

1 Mary E Dunbavin

2 David G Salter

3 George M Salter

4 Alan P Mayle

5 Katharine J Salter

Conducted by: David G Salter

Remembering Pat & Trevor Bailey and past Guild Master J Martin Thorley. Martin would have been 84 on the 5th. 


Text 11 Oct 2nd October 2014

Another day at home today and good work done by all. It was George Vant’s first inside and acquitted himself very very well with few mistakes. Just remember to catch on the top of the sallie. I forgot to warn him the composition contained only singles. This was one of Richard Allton’s 5040’s and once I had worked it out, it was most enjoyable. No bobs yet a good mix of the courses. I would think it possible it may be the first ever peal of treble dodging minor using just singles. 

Katharine & George went to the practice at Harkstead.

Suffolk Guild

Old Stoke, Ipswich, Suffolk

At The Wolery

Tenor: 9 lbs 8 oz in G

On Thursday, 2 October 2014

In 1 hour  and 57 minutes

5040 Cambridge Surprise Minor

No 1998

Composition: Richard I Allton

1 Michael J Edwards 

2 Alan P Mayle 

3 Mary E Dunbavin 

4 Katharine J Salter 

5 George J Vant 

6 David G Salter 

Conducted by: David G Salter

First inside: 5


Text 11 Oct 1st October 2014

After missing out two years ago because I was awaiting an operation, today we are at Wissett. I remember ringing here in 1969 on a St Matthews tower outing. I was always keen to ring here as they were and still are a nice ring. The recent re-hang has affected the sound which is very “sound shoot” but they are not unpleasing. A good peal was rung during which one lady left a pound on the font and a gentleman, listened for a while then left putting his thumbs up. 

On to the excellent re-hang at Clopton where another good peal was rung. Greatly improved, these bells are good. The only black spot is the re-hanging clockwise. Why do English Heritage accept this when it is crucial to ringing Heritage.

Not satisfied with just two peals some of us then went home for a peal of Overstone. Using the original Murray Coleman composition, it was a pleasant variation of Rutland and rung very fast with the minimum of mistakes and trips.

Suffolk Guild

Wissett, Suffolk

At St Andrew

Tenor: 7 -3-20 cwt

On Wednesday, 1 October 2014

In 2 hours and 34 minutes

5040 7 methods Surprise Minor

1) Chester. 2) London. 3) Lightfoot. 4) Beverley. 5) Westminster. 6) Bourne. 7) Norwich.

1 Robert J Crocker

2 David G Salter

3 Mary E Dunbavin

4 Alan P Mayle

5 George M Salter

6 Colin M Turner

Conducted by: David G Salter

700th different Suffolk Bell to a peal: 2

Suffolk Guild

Clopton, Suffolk

At St Mary

Tenor: 12 cwt

On Wednesday, 1 October 2014

In 2 hours and 45 minutes

5040 7 methods Surprise Minor

1) London. 2) York. 3) Beverley. 4) Ipswich. 5) Surfleet. 6) Cambridge. 7) Norwich.

1 Colin M Turner

2 David G Salter

3 Alan P Mayle

4 Peter W Harper

5 George M Salter

6 Robert J Crocker

Conducted by: David G Salter

Suffolk Guild

Old Stoke, Ipswich, Suffolk

At The Wolery

Tenor: 9 lbs 8 oz in G

On Wednesday, 1 October 2014

In 1 hour  and 44 minutes

5024 Overstone Surprise Major

Composition: Murray A Coleman 

1 Michael J Edwards

2 Mary E Dunbavin

3 Clare L Veal

4 Richard J Munnings

5 Thomas G Scase

6 George M Salter

7 Colin F Salter

8 David G Salter

Conducted by: David G Salter

First in the method by all and for the Guild.

A belated birthday compliment to Henry Albert Salter.


Text 11 Oct 30th September 2014

To Wickham Skeith today for a good peal in seven methods. These historic bells have had a new lease of life in recent years. They could go better but are pleasant and rewarding to ring.

George went to the ASCY practice on his way back from Birmingham

Suffolk Guild

Wickham Skeith, Suffolk

At St Andrew

Tenor: 9 -1-23 cwt

On Tuesday, 30 September 2014

In 2 hours and 38 minutes

5040 7 methods Surprise Minor

1) Lincoln. 2) Netherseale. 3) Beverley. 4) Bourne. 5) Cambridge. 6) Surfleet. 7) Norwich.

1 Mary E Dunbavin

2 Katharine J Salter

3 Clare L Veal

4 David G Salter

5 Alan P Mayle

6 Simon J T Smith

Conducted by: David G Salter

1600th for the Guild: 4


Text 11 Oct 29th September 2014

George left early for Birmingham going via Aldegate to pick up his phone. Bristol at St Philip’s came to a standstill after about 40 minutes. 

We did no better stopping at Langham with 11 courses to go. Still we did have some cracking ringing up till then.


Text 11 Oct 28th September 2014

Colin & I headed for Sunningwell for Mr Turner’s 2000th peal of minor and 1000th of seven surprise. Duly a very good peal was rung and yet another historic moment recorded. I had hoped to be on 500 seven surprise by today was a few short. Still very nice afternoon and Colin (F)’s first with Brian Bladon. George went to Aldgate, a very user friendly eight for a peal of Stedman Triples. This came to grief after 2 hours and 41 minutes. So distracted was George, that he left his phone in the tower and had to return without it.

St Blaise Society

Sunningwell, Oxon

St Leonard

Sunday, 28 September 2014 in 2h42 (8-2-0)

5040 Surprise Minor (7 Methods)

London, Chester, Surfleet, Bourne, Cambridge, Westminster, Norwich

1 Brian Bladon

2 Cynthia E Howell

3 Nicola J Turner

4 Colin F Salter

5 David G Salter (C)

6 Colin M Turner

The tenor ringer’s 2,000th peal of Minor and 1,000th peal of 7 Surprise Minor.


Text 11 Oct 25th September 2014

More handbells tonight as no practice at Harkstead.


Text 11 Oct 24th September 2014

Not a good day today. We lost at home after a shift in the 33rd course. George lost at St Mary Le Tower because people would not do what they were told. He then went for a quarter and lost that as well.


Text 11 Oct 23rd September 2014

Handbells at home with George Vant tonight.


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