Text 14 Apr 13th April 2014

Busy day today with George loosing at Toppesfield but ringing a quarter. He then rang a quarter of Cambridge Surprise Maximus at St Mary Le Tower. 1364 ?

Meanwhile Colin & I rang a peal at Aldeburgh. A nice method to a very good composition by David Beard that split the off front, off back music with middle row roll ups. Very good throughout with some outstanding ringing. WAAFS. Most enjoyable.


Suffolk Guild

Aldeburgh, Suffolk

Saints Peter & Paul

Sunday 13 April 2014 in 02:42 (11cwt)

5120 Deeply Vale Surprise Major

Composed: David W Beard

1   Mary E Dunbavin

2   Mary S Garner

3   Alan P Mayle

4   Roger L K Whittell

5   Thomas G Scase

6   Richard T L Rapior

7   Colin F Salter

8   David G Salter (C)

First in the method by all and for the Guild.
1700th peal: 3
Birthday compliment to Mary Dunbavin and to welcome Alfred John Munnings born on 10th April 2014 to Ruth & Richard.

Essex Association

Toppesfield, Essex

St Margaret of Antioch

Sunday 13 April 2014 in 49 mins (14-2-14)

1344 Yorkshire Surprise Major

Composed: Traditional

1   John Harpole

2   Clare L Veal

3   George M Salter (C)

4   George E Thoday

5   Ian J Culham

6   Paul A J Bray

7   Jon Waters

8   Brian G Meads

Birthday compliments to 6.
Celebrating the birth of Alfred John Munnings.

Suffolk Guild

Ipswich, Suffolk

St Mary le Tower

Sunday 13 April 2014 in 55 mins (35)

1364 Cambridge Surprise Maximus

1   Sally Munnings

2   Richard J Munnings

3   Anne R Bray

4   Amanda M Richmond

5   Stephen A Cheek

6   Jed Flatters

7   Rowan P Wilson

8   Michael G Whitby

9   Nigel J Newton

10   Simon P Griffiths

11   George M Salter

12   David A Potts (C)

1st Surprise Maximus - 11
1st Cambridge Maximus - 5
Rung to celebrate the birth of Alfred John Munnings, son of Richard & Ruth, grandson of Sally & Alan, on 10th April.


Text 14 Apr 12th April 2014

There is something exhilarating about turning into Freehold Street Loughborough and seeing the sign that just says “Taylors”. A return to the old proud days is the message and it is a good message. The workshop is full of interesting bells and frames and it is busy. Hopefully the problems of the past few years have now all been resolved and ringers can look forward to a bright future for Taylors. We came to sample the Foundry twelve. They are pretty good. Easy to ring, audible throughout and pleasant. The sound overall is good and just once or twice we hit a faster speed causing the tenors to hum nicely. To my mind, I think the trebles are a little screechy and whilst they fit in, it is not such a comfortable fit as on Mike Dew’s twelve. Still they have only been in a little over a year and I would suspect fine tuning is continuous. Given the weight and speed you need a competent band to ring them well. I can fully understand how somebody could easily let a bell down whilst ringing. With little bells like this a good and clever choice of method and composition is a must. Barrie judged it just right with both allowing the band to concentrate on striking and roll ups. A very good and enjoyable peal was rung. There is something very nice about ringing three courses of Maximus and noting that you have only been ringing 50 minutes. It was also lovely to see Sally & Richard and afterwards to see Andrew. He hopes Rattlesden will be in in about three weeks.

The afternoon was at Sapcote. Another interesting ring. Quite rewarding but hot and a little cramped after the large ringing room at Taylors. Still a good peal of Lincolnshire Surprise Royal duly rung to a very nice composition by Alan Reading. Thanks Barrie, another good day out.

Colin went to Rushmere to ring for a wedding. He was on time for the before and after ringing.


Yorkshire Association

Loughborough, Leicestershire

Bell Foundry Campanile

Saturday 12 April 2014 in 2h 54m (6-2-13 in B)

5042 Yorkshire Surprise Maximus

Composed: J. Worth

1   Sally A. Brown

2   Adam R. Crocker

3   Robert J. Crocker

4   Chris Bostock

5   Graham J.N. Colborne

6   Robert H. Jordan

7   Paul T. Young

8   David G. Salter

9   Andrew F. Alldrick

10   Michael Chester

11   Roger S. Riley

12   C. Barrie Dove (c)

Yorkshire Association

Sapcote, Leicestershire

All Saints

Saturday 12 April 2014 in 2h 42m (9-1-26 in A flat)

5040 Lincolnshire Surprise Royal

Composed: A.G. Reading

1   Chris Bostock

2   Andrew F. Alldrick

3   Michael Angrave

4   Robert J. Crocker

5   C. Barrie Dove (c)

6   Paul T. Young

7   Robert H. Jordan

8   Michael Chester

9   David G. Salter

10   Adam R. Crocker

1 — 1000 peal for the Association.


Text 11 Apr 10th April 2014

Congratulations to Ruth & Richard Munnings on the birth of Alfred John at 2.04 this morning. Colin pointed out that Alfred weighed the same the Wolery sixth ! Mr Whitby has obliviously been speaking to Derren Brown managing to ring a quarter of congratulations for the birth some six hours before Alfred was born.

Still best wishes from Team Salter to Team Munnings.

Colin & Katharine went to Harkstead for the practice where they meet six. Grandsire Doubles, Plain Hunt & Stedman.


Text 11 Apr 9th April 2014

Colin went to St Lawrence for lunch time ringing. They managed Stedman, Grandsire & Plain Bob.

George went to Mistley for a slow peal in seven minor. The rest of “Team Salter” rang a good peal at home in an irritating method. Whilst deceptively simple the calls in 12 and the inverted coursing orders kept you on your toes. On reflection interesting but not keen to ring the variations (there are a lot).

Suffolk Guild

Old Stoke, Ipswich, Suffolk

At The Wolery

Tenor: 9 lbs 8 oz in G

On Wednesday, 9 April 2014

In 1 hour  and 41 minutes

5040 Unacceptable Surprise Minor

1 x 720, 3 x 1440

1 Michael J Edwards 

2 Thomas G Scase 

3 Katharine J Salter 

4 Mary E Dunbavin 

5 Colin F Salter 

6 David G Salter 

Conducted by: David G Salter

First in the method by all and for the Guild.

Essex Association

Mistley, Essex

St. Mary and St. Michael

Wednesday 9 April 2014 in 2h 46 (10 3/4)

5040 Surprise Minor

7 Methods; 1) London, 2) Wells, 3) Cranford, 4) Primrose, 5) Fryerning, 6) Cambridge, 7) Norwich.

1   Rhona I H McEune

2   Jon Waters

3   Clare L Veal

4   Neil V Avis

5   George M Salter

6   Ian J Culham (C)

Birthday compliment to George Pipe.
175th for Essex Association; 2


Text 11 Apr 8th April 2014

To Ardleigh for a quarter of Plain Bob Triples. Good effort by all to broaden the experience of the band. Clare called and Ellie did very well. The old stagers rang the treble & tenor for them. 

Suffolk Guild

Ardleigh, Essex

St Mary the Virgin

Tuesday 8 April 2014 in 44 mins (13-1-2)

1260 Plain Bob Triples

Composed: Trad.

1   Ralph N Earey

2   George M Salter

3   Eleanor F Earey

4   Simon L Veal

5   Neal T Dodge

6   Colin F Salter

7   Clare L Veal (C)

8   David G Salter

First on 8 ‘inside’- 3
First quarter peal as conductor.
Rung in preparation for RWNYC 2014.


Text 8 Apr 7th April 2014


Bob’s 4000th peal.

To Kimpton today with Colin to get Mr C to 4000. These are good compaired with Suffolk bells, Yorkshire Surprise Major and a nice arrangement of music moving from 65’s to 56’s was the menu. A most enjoyable peal was rung to the great relief of all. Well done Bob. A cuddly toy in a fitting blue jumper was Bob’s reward. Yet again it seems like only yesterday Bob was ringing his 3000th and it was nice to see two fathers ringing with their sons. Surprise guest (a surprise to me that is) was Katharine Thorley. It was a treat to see and ring with Katharine again and means she has scored off Colin. He conversely has now rung a peal with one Thorley! I did remind her she would be most welcome in Suffolk at any time. Colin has now rung in a 1000th peal (Mick Edwards), a 3000th peal (mine) and a 4000th peal (Bob’s) so he is looking for somebody about to ring their 2000th to complete the series.

George mean time went to St Mary Le Tower for more practice.

Hertford County Association

Kimpton, Hertfordshire

SS Peter & Paul

Monday, 7 April 2014 in 2h38 (10)

5058 Yorkshire S Major

Composed by Daniel Brady

1 Judith E Titmus

2 Robert J Crocker (C)

3 Katharine M Thorley

4 Colin F Salter

5 David G Salter

6 Peter G C Ellis

7 L Roy Woodruff

8 Adam R Crocker

4000th peal: 2. 

Text 6 Apr 6th April 2014

George went to St Mary Le Tower for service ringing before he went to work. They managed rounds & call changes on twelve and Grandsire Caters.

Colin & Kathaine went to Hackney for the Young Ringers outing. It was a MCA young ringers event. Towers were Hackney & South Hackney. Lots of young ringers and much done.


Text 6 Apr 5th April 2014

Very good day today with lots of pressure on as the first peal was my 2000th as conductor and because Bob needed both peals as his 4000th is planed for Monday. In the end no problems so niggling thoughts about ropes, clappers and methods were pointless. Rushmere are a very good six and we had lots of clean impressive ringing with very limited method mistakes. To be fair, I had forgotten that Rushmere were very good. WAAFS. Cretingham are also a first class five. Mr Crocker could not believe he was in Suffolk given the quality of the bells today. Again we had good clean ringing and No 2 did a very good job putting all the calls in (his first of Doubles as Conductor). I did forget to tell Colin that it would be Bob’s 3999th peal if successful. WAAFS.

Katharine & Colin went to the SE District practice at Earl Soham. Nice six but limited room in the ringing room. The eventually managed London in a busy practice nicely run (as always) by Tom.

Suffolk Guild

Rushmere, Suffolk

At St Andrew

Tenor: 8 cwt

On Saturday, 5 April 2014

In 2 hours and 37 minutes

5040 7 methods Surprise Minor

1) London. 2) Durham. 3) Beverley. 4) Bourne. 5) Surfleet. 6) Cambridge. 7) Norwich.

1 Mary E Dunbavin

2 Thomas G Scase

3 Colin F Salter

4 David G Salter

5 Peter W Harper

6 Robert J Crocker

Conducted by: David G Salter

2000th peal as conductor.

Suffolk Guild

Crettingham, Suffolk

At St Peter

Tenor: 7 cwt

On Saturday, 5 April 2014

In 2 hours and 32 minutes

5040 11 methods Doubles

1,2) Grandsire. 3-6) Plain Bob. 7-10) St Simon’s Bob. 11-14) St Martin’s Bob. 15-18) St Osmund Bob. 19-22) Eynesbury Bob. 23-26) Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place. 27-30) St Nicolas Bob. 31-34) Winchendon Place. 35-38) St Remigius Bob. 39-42) Huntley Place.

1 Mary E Dunbavin

2 Thomas G Scase

3 Robert J Crocker

4 David G Salter

5 Colin F Salter

Conducted by: Colin F Salter

First Doubles as conductor.

A birthday compliment to Cynthia Howell.

Text 6 Apr 4th April 2014

Three of us to Rushmere tonight for a busy practice. April Day, Cambridge Surprise Minor, Orpheus and Original achieved. Good. 


Text 6 Apr 3rd April 2014

No ringing tonight but a ringing related matter of Guy’s & Dolls at Gislingham village hall. First class with very high production values and attention to details. I doubt you would see a better production in any other Suffolk village hall.  A very very well done to Kay & Peter. 

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